NanoEIS: Nanotechnology Education for Industry and Society


NanoEIS (2012-2015) investigates the European labour market for people trained in nanotechnology.

Based on an assessment of employer needs in nanotechnology (both in industry and non-industry sectors), NanoEIS will provide recommendations for curriculum contents covering nanotechnology as well as best practice strategies to implement them.

The leading questions of the project are:

  • How has nanotechnology education been integrated into secondary schools and universities?
  • How was cooperation between different partner institutions implemented?
  • In which ways have industrial and non-industrial (social) employers been involved?

The outcomes will include novel teaching and assessment tools for secondary schools, including information about possible studies and careers in nanotechnology.

Basic information

Country: Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Israel, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom

Coordinator: Salzburg University, Austria, www.uni-salzburg

Programme: FP7

Project Acronym:

Target groups: education authorities, industry, policy makers, researchers, secondary school students, teachers

Topic: Nanotechnology, Education, Other

Start year: 2012

End year: 2015


Contact person: Albert Duschl, Salzburg University, Austria, albert.duschl (at)

One of the main issues the project addresses is that education content is not always well matched with the needs of the job market. Improving this situation will benefit both graduates seeking jobs, and employers who need specific skills in the professional environment.

NanoEIS will provide full and relevant information to students regarding the contents of nanotechnology study programmes and their career choices.

NanoEIS aims to develop five teaching modules for non-formal education. They will be available on the project website in November 2015.


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