TALETE: Teaching Maths through Innovative Learning Approach and Contents


TALETE (2011-2013) intends to develop innovative pedagogical tools (serious games and machinima) for learning and teaching maths in two environments: e-learning and 3D world.

The specific objectives of the project are to:

  • identify and develop new teaching and learning methods in the field of mathematics with a focus on geometry
  • improve and adapt the quality of maths learning to support the development of students' basic and transversal competences (mathematics literacy, learning to learn, social and digital skills, English)
  • make maths education in (lower and upper) secondary schools more attractive and efficient through 3D virtual world;
  • support high quality teaching and teacher training;
  • support school collaboration in Europe 

The main expected  outcomes are:

  • e-learning platform delivering courses for teachers
  • 3D virtual world environment for teaching and learning maths in compulsory education

The e-learning teacher courses and the learning activities in the 3D virtual world together form the TALETE training path. The training path will consist of 23 hours of teacher training covering theoretical background and practical exercises using the TALETE pedagogical tools, and 15 hours of classroom activities performed in the 3D learning environment by students.

Basic information

Country: Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Turkey, United Kingdom

Coordinator: Università degli Studi "Guglielmo Marconi", Italy, www.unimarconi.it

Programme: LLP

Project Acronym:

Target groups: secondary school students, teachers, trainee teachers, vocational school students

Topic: Information technology, Maths, Technology, Other

Start year: 2011

End year: 2013

Url: http://www.taleteproject.eu/

Contact person: M.Tramonti, Università degli Studi "Guglielmo Marconi", Italy, m.tramonti (at) unimarconi.it

The project approach and activities combine technological infrastructure (the e-learning platform and 3D virtual world) with renewed pedagogy based on inquiry-led and deductive teaching. For technology and methodology to work effectively in teaching practice, the project addresses the three following aspects:

  • Teachers' knowledge and skills in using new technologies 
  • Learning resources 
  • Awareness of the educational objectives to be achieved.

The overall  educational objectives of TALETE teaching material is to help students acquire the core mathematical competences (as described by PISA):

  • Thinking and reasoning
  • Argumentation
  • Communication
  • Modelling
  • Problem posing and solving
  • Representation
  • Using symbolic, formal and technical language and operations
  • Use of aids and tools.

The e-learning course and the 3D learning environment will be tested and validated by teachers involved in the project (around 50 teachers). 

The contents of the TALETE training cover: 

  • The results of recent international surveys (PISA, TIMSS)
  • The curricula selected to be used in the 3D virtual world
  • the concept of ‘mathematisation' 
  • ICT in the classroom

Teachers interested in taking the course should fill in the registration form on the project website.

The teaching resources and pedagogical tools for maths education developed by TALETE are based on international assessment surveys (PISA, TIMSS) and follow three consecutive stages:

  • Starting with a problem situation, organising in accordance with mathematical concepts, transforming a real-life problem into a mathematical problem.
  • Solving the mathematical problem.
  • Making sense of the mathematical solution in terms of the real situation including identifying the limitations of the situation.

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