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iCamp – the Educational Web for higher education in Europe for collaboration and social networking across systems, countries and disciplines.

iCamp provided an infrastructure – the iCamp Space – for collaboration and social networking across systems, countries and disciplines, focusing on higher education. The iCamp Space is based on existing interfaces and integrates shared community features fully compatible with different open source learning systems and tools.

iCamp aimed to strengthen the educational infrastructure in Europe: rather than creating another eLearning system, it facilitates interoperability. The main advantage is that universities can continue to use and further develop their systems, while at the same time connect to other systems and offer a wide collaboration space for their users.

iCamp also provides guidelines and a software toolkit to help with integration into the iCamp Space.

iCamp creates an environment for a new way of social instruction that puts more emphasis on self-organised learning and social networking. The flexible pedagogical models were validated during the trials: iCamp carried out two small-scale and one large-scale trial involving students form the consortium partners for three different topics: basic research methods, international relations and management of international projects.

Basic information

Country: Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom

Coordinator: Zentrum fuer Soziale Innovation, Austria, www.zsi.at

Programme: FP6

Project Acronym:

Target groups: education authorities, policy makers, researchers, teachers, trainee teachers, university lecturers

Topic: Information technology, Technology, Education, Other

Start year: 2005

End year: 2008

Url: http://www.icamp.eu

Contact person: Kieslinger, Barbara, Zentrum Fuer Soziale Innovation, kieslinger (at) zsi.at

The iCamp portfolio of developed tools & technologies includes the following: 

  • iCampFolio 
  • Moodle extensions 
  • WordpressMU 
  • Scuttle 
  • Feed-On-Feeds
  • VideoWiki 
  • myDentity (Mail proxy) 
  • iLogue 
  • Sip.iCamp.eu 
  • Repository network 
  • Feedback 
  • Framework for connecting the iCamp tools 

More details on the functionalities of these tools and technologies are also available on the iCamp website. 

All software developed in the project is publicly available on the iCamp public code repository on Sourceforge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/icamp

The iCamp educational intervention model describes a set of activity patterns that can be used for re-arranging existing teaching and studying practices to allow competence advancement in selected areas of action, namely self-directing, collaborating and social networking in digitally mediated environments. 

The iCamp handbook for end users "How to Use Social Software in Higher Education" describes the different iCamp tools and their usage according to specific pedagogical activities. An electronic version of the iCamp Handbook is available from the iCamp website.

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