e-Science Talk: Supporting Grid and High Performance Computing Reporting across Europe


e-Science Talk brings the success stories of Europe's e-Infrastructure to policy-makers, the scientific community and the general public.

The project coordinates the dissemination outputs of European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) and other European e-Infrastructure projects. It is the continuation of the GridTalk project (2008-2010), expanding the scope of the GridTalk outputs, to interactions of grids with e-Infrastructures, such as cloud computing and supercomputing.

e-Science talk activities include three interconnected areas:

•    The suite of Web portals, e-Science City, GridCast and GridGuide, feature news and latest developments in e-Infrastructure and grid computing, teaching resources, and recent European e-Science research projects and research institutions active in the field. The Real Time Monitor shows the real time traffic running on the grid around the worlds

•    The weekly newsletter ‘International Science Grid This Week' (iSGTW) brings news and events to the existing and potential e-Science community.

•    e-ScienceBriefings produce reports aimed at policy-makers to disseminate key policy issues underpinning grid and e-Infrastructure development in Europe and coordinate e concentration activities.

Basic information

Country: France, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Coordinator: EGI – European Grid Infrastructure, Amsterdam, Netherlands, www.egi.eu

Programme: FP7

Project Acronym:

Target groups: college students, industry, policy makers, researchers, secondary school students, teachers, trainee teachers, university students, university lecturers, vocational school students

Topic: Computer science, Information technology, Software engineering, Technology

Start year: 2010

End year: 2013

Url: http://www.e-sciencetalk.org/

Contact person: Catherine Gater, European Grid Insfrastructure, catherine.gater (at) egi.eu

With the recent fundamental changes to the way that grid computing is evolving, combined with the blurring of boundaries between grids, clouds, supercomputing networks and volunteer grids, a clear, consistent and reliable source of information aimed at non-experts (policy-makers, journalists, general public, teachers) is needed.

e-Science Talk works with European projects and coordinates its activities with international partners, both in areas with well-established grid infrastructures such as the US, and also in regions with growing e-Infrastructures, such as Latin America, South Africa and Asia.

The e-ScienceBriefings are aimed at decision-makers in all layers of government and industry. They focus on informing about the concrete outcomes of long-term investments in grid technology and e Infrastructures.

The e-Science websites provide rich sources of information, including teaching materials, and interactive learning environments dedicated to e-Science.
e-ScienceCity (http://www.e-sciencecity.org) is an extensive website, structured as a city, with a section on grid computing (GridCafé), cloud computing (Cloud Lounge), volunteer computing (Volunteer Garage), and others.

GridGuide introduces the sites and sights of global grid computing, presenting the research institutions and researchers involved in grid computing.

GridCast is a blogging platform dedicated to grid computing and e-Infrastructure events in the world

The Real Time Monitor is a visualisation of activity on the grid computing infrastructure in the world. The application displays information from various grid projects including the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) and the worldwide LHC Computing Grid (wLCG).

The e-Science Talk Youtube Channel features interviews, demonstrations and news from e-Science conferences, events and projects in Europe.


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