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Changing with the Climate: an educational network to promote teaching and learning about climate change and encourage positive action in response to it.

The network has been set up to develop an understanding of the causes of the observed climatic changes and to initiate actions to minimise the effect of those changes. It is an educational network linking schools and classes in exploring the likely impacts of global warming and what can be done to mitigate and to adapt to such changes.

The network has three key aims:

•    Developing an EU-wide network of schools
This project has a strong focus on building links between UK schools and partner schools across Europe.
•    Enhancing teaching and learning experiences
The project aims to provide access to a wide range of teaching resources, to support and provide training for teachers and to develop new teaching approaches and link climate change to school curricula.
•    Encouraging positive action to help limit changes in climate
Collective and individual action to tackle climate change is a key element of the project. Schools can act as a catalyst for action and encourage the involvement of a wider community

To support networking and promote good practice in teaching about climate science and sustainable development, the project organises workshops for teachers open to teachers and schools across Europe.

Basic information

Country: France, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom

Coordinator: Institute of Education at University of Reading, UK,

Programme: LLP

Project Acronym:

Target groups: primary school students, secondary school students, teachers, trainee teachers, vocational school students

Topic: Ecology, Energy, Environmental sciences, Geography, Meteorology

Start year: 2010

End year: 2013


Contact person: John Oversby, Institute of Education at University of Reading, UK, j.p.oversby (at)

Changing with the Climate helps schools integrate the topics of climate change and sustainable development into their lesson plans. It collects resources for teaching about climate change and develops new teaching methods that would make these themes more interesting to students and relevant to their lifestyle.

The project's approach is to connect subject teaching in various disciplines to specific aspects of climate change in a holistic way and to gain an understanding how our local use of energy can result in changes at global scale. The overall pedagogy is open-ended: students and teachers are encouraged to formulate their values and commitment to a lifestyle that will limit climate change. The lessons thus become student-focussed rather than teacher-led.

The network is open to any school or teacher willing to participate in the project activities. It offers:
•    easy access to teaching resources on climate change and sustainable development
•    links to the project partners, cultural and community contacts
•    teacher training opportunities

Schools can become members if one (or more) of their teachers is willing to take part in the project activities and partner with another school/class in another country (France, Spain, Italy, Hungary or Romania).

Suitable network activities include:
•    using climate change topics to illustrate themes within the national curriculum,
•    initiating and undertaking activities to limit climate change individually and collectively
•    sharing your observations and actions with your partner schools.

More information about how to join the project is available at:


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