Scientix live

Here you will find information about face to face activities organized by Scientix (e.g. workshops in European Schoolnet’s Future Classroom Lab or at other venues) and Scientix contributions to conferences, workshops and other events.

You can find the presentations, programme, etc. of past events, but you can also see at what events and when Scientix will be present in the future. 

Science projects workshop in the Future Classroom Lab

The Future Classroom Lab (FCL), an independent project of EUN and based at EUN, provides a platform where policy makers can rethink their ICT strategies and where teachers, head teachers and ICT advisers can experiment with innovative pedagogical approaches within flexible learning environments. It provides both a large reconfigurable space equipped with state-of-the-art technology plus a room designed as an interactive classroom to illustrate how a traditional classroom setting can use technology to enhance interactivity and student participation.
Science weekend events in the FCL are being organised under the “Science projects workshop in the Future Classroom Lab” umbrella. This term was penned during Scientix 1 following the very successful 1st Science projects workshop in the FCL organized by Scientix in September 2012. These events aim to both train teachers in the use of technologies in the classroom in association with materials and pedagogies from STEM projects, and at the same time encourage science education projects to work together.

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Scientix webinars

Scientix is organising a series of webinars on STEM education. They will take place throughout 2015 and are open to anybody interested in science teaching and learning.

The one hour-long webinar sessions are an ideal opportunity for the Scientix community members to explore exciting STEM related topics, such as 1:1 computing, language learning in the science classroom, STEM in lower grades, or online science simulations in IBSE.

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Scientix workshops at other events

Scientix workshops are continually taking place in different locations in Europe within the context of events organized by other projects or organizations.

The aim of these workshops is to either present Scientix services to teachers, project managers or other relevant science education actors or to serve as facilitators to the presentation of other science education projects.

If you have an event where Scientix could contribute or you would like to be included in a Scientix workshop as a presenter, let us know at agueda.gras (at)

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Scientix presentations

To ensure a greater dissemination of Scientix and its services to project managers, teachers and researchers in science education, it is important to be present at as many events as possible (be it with posters, presentations or for networking).

These presentations at different events facilitate the possibility of Scientix being of service to the other projects and STEM initiatives.

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Calendar of Scientix live events

August, 2016