My favourite teacher

Milorad Vuckovic, Croatia:

The spell of science was invoked by my teacher who always had enough time for everything, especially for being 'lazy' on purpose.

He had enough time to take us in front of the school to talk and show us the world around. Then we would play a game in which there would be some winners, but no defeated or disappointed. We felt happy, which seemed to be the only aim of the class.

Later on, in all seriousness of a classroom, he would use associations from nature to start the story of his lecture.

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Céline Laugel, France:

My favourite teacher was my Maths teacher in high school: she would give us intricate and often surprising problems, and would in return offer pastries or an icecream. Her good spirit and humour made the maths classes fun and lively.

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Ivan Đerek, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Physics teacher in my high school was my favorite. His lectures were always interesting, he always asked students for their opinion and motivated us, students, to think critically.

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Nicole Speck, Switzerland:

My biology teacher in high-school was my favorite teacher, because he learned us to think out of the box.

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Irina Vasilescu, Romania:

My favourite teacher was my Maths teacher in the Lower Secondary school. I particularly liked that she allowed and encouraged team work, not very common in Maths classes by then.

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