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Networking events for Science Education projects

The networking events – organised quarterly – bring together project coordinators, managers and other representatives, from European and national science education projects. The goal is to allow projects to share and exchange their experiences, present their work, and to facilitate creating new collaborations and partnerships. Each of these events is centred on a specific topic or challenge faced by the projects.


Online meeting room

Scientix aims to facilitate the work of the different public funded science education projects. In this context, Scientix offers projects the possibility to use the "Scientix online meeting room". Any project included in the Scientix project library can request to schedule an online meeting, webinar, online workshop, etc. for up to 200 participants.

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Public profiles directory

Create your Scientix public profile and search for project partners or team up with like-minded colleagues in other European countries!

Scientix public profiles directory is a new networking and partner-search tool helping you identify potential EU project partners or STEM education professionals with similar background and interests. You can search for people by country, expertise, subjects or position, or by keywords.

To fully benefit from the service you have to register on the Scientix portal and complete your Profile page.

Public profiles directory

Scientix match-making tool

The Scientix match-making tool allows researchers and project managers to contact members of the Scientix community (teachers and other education professionals) and invite them to collaborate on their STEM education projects and initiatives.

The tool is primarily intended to facilitate contacts between science teachers and science education projects: you can search through the public profile directory by any relevant profession (e.g. secondary teachers, headmasters, etc.), country or expertise, and directly contact the selected members.

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The Scientix Communities of Practice (CoP) entail a moderated online forum, leaded by a designated expert, where STEM teachers will be able to discuss on science and technology subjects.

In this space you will find a basic presentation on the topic, paired with a series of useful resources as topic guidelines. Participants will find an array of open questions to inquire and discuss about.

The objective of the CoP is to let the participants engage and discuss with each other on those questions they are more interested in, to end up formulating a series of final ideas or conclusions. Join the Community of Practice!


Discussion forum

Join discussions about the latest initiatives in science education! On the Scientix fora there are separate discussions for each project and each country. New discussion categories can be created upon request.

The fora are open to everyone; however, it is necessary to register on the Scientix portal in order to participate in the discussions. To send a new post, select a category of your choice and click the “Post new thread” button. You can write in any language.

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Scientix Chat

The Scientix chat tool is your way to interact directly with other users. To start a chat, you need to be registered on the portal. After registration, the chat tool appears automatically in the bottom right corner of the page. Click the “Online friends” button to see which users are online. To open the Chat window and start the conversation, just click the name of the user. In the settings you can choose whether other users see you are online or not.