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Scientix online meeting room: free service to organize your online meetings or webinars

Scientix interview series  

Yves Beernaert, Member of the European Commission’s Expert Group on Science Education, talks about systemic changes that are needed in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) education in Europe, including cooperation with various stakeholders. This Scientix interview was recorded at the Eminent conference of European Schoolnet in November 2015.

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ER4STEM, Educational Robotics for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

ER4STEM project envisions a creative and critical use of educational robotics to maintain children's curiosity in the world.

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BioPop Centre for Bioscience Teaching

BioPop - linking school teachers and pupils with biosciences at the University of Helsinki.

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Continue learning new things through European STEM projects

Distance learning, resource repositories and online discussion forums are only a few of the accessible low-cost options to aid teachers' continuous professional development. The Amgen Teach, Go-Lab and the STEM Alliance projects organised together the twelfth Science Projects Workshop at the Future Classroom Lab presenting such possibilities.

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Scientix at a glance – everything you need to know on one page!

The Scientix community, dedicated to the advancement of science education in Europe, goes from strength to strength. All of its major accomplishments from 2013 to 2016 are now displayed in new one-page infographic. Put it up at your school or share with your colleagues to encourage them to take benefit from Scientix too!

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