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2nd Scientix conference

24-26 October 2014, Brussels, Belgium70 talks, 14 workshops, 7 round tables, 25 exhibition stands and over 600 participants

Online meetings

Scientix online meeting room: free webinar service to organize online meetings or webinars


Scientix Awards for best resources in STEM

Best teaching materials and STEM reports in the Scientix repository will be awarded in seven competitions...


DYK#7   DYK#6   DYK#5    DYK#4    DYK#3    DYK#2

Make ink used by mediaeval monks and learn about chemistry: One of over 800 resources in the Scientix resource repository

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Latest project

KiiCS: Art and Science for Innovation

The KiiCS project support interactions between art, science and new technologies to stimulate new ideas to communicate science, foster innovation and improve the quality of life across Europe.

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Latest News

2nd Scientix Conference: teachers are at the heart of the change!

The 2nd Scientix conference took place on 24-26 October 2014 in Brussels, Belgium. Over 600 participants from 43 countries gathered to discuss...

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