Scientix Projects' Networking Event

Save your place at the 4th Scientix Project's networking event, 16 April 2015, Barcelona, Spain.
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Scientix online meeting room: free webinar service to organize online meetings or webinars


Scientix Projects' Networking Event

Register for the 5th Scientix Project's networking event, 24 April 2015, London, UK.
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Scientix interview series  

Ewald Breunesse of Shell Nederland discusses the role that industry has to play in the promotion of STEM across Europe, and explains how industry can support STEM teachers.

The Scientix interview series aims to present different stakeholders in STEM policy and practice. The line-up includes researchers, teachers, education managers and science communicators who will share their views...

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Scientific Breakthroughs into the Classrooms

Scientific Breakthroughs into the Classrooms is a book series on scientific breakthroughs and how to translate them into teaching materials.

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Teachers' prejudices put girls off maths and science

Tel Aviv University study finds unconscious biases of elementary school instructors dramatically affect female academic choices later on.

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