The first European Integrated STEM Teaching Framework

The framework is designed for all education stakeholders in Europe.

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STE(A)M IT framework

4th Scientix Conference

The conference is over, but you can access recordings of the sessions here, and download valuable materials.

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Scientix TV episode 6 is here!

What are the benefits of environmental education? How can you integrate it into your classes? Find out on Scientix TV!

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Vote for your favourite resources in the Scientix Resource Repository.

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Scientix Translation Service Campaign
Scientix interview series  

This short video compiles several testimonials from National Contact Points and from the representatives of the Ministries of Education STEM Working Group on how Scientix has reached out to teacher communities and contributed to the development of national strategies for wider uptake of inquiry- based and other innovative, effective and engaging approaches to STEM education.

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Latest project


EDURISK is devising ways and means by which multidisciplinary scientific knowledge on earthquakes can be made available to the general community through schools. It was ideated within the 2000-2002 cadre programme of the Gruppo Nazionale per la Difesa dai Terremoti (GNDT), funded by the Dipartimento della Protezione Civile (DPC), and in collaboration with several other institutions and Italian local administrations.

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Smart Hands recognises that young people in Europe must look outwards and proactively engage with the challenges and opportunities that our modern world provides.

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Latest News


The 4th Scientix Conference brings together 1,200 participants

The 4th Scientix Conference took place on 18-19 November 2022, online. Some 1,200 teachers, researchers, policymakers, STEM professionals, industry representatives and STEM project managers came together for two days full of learning, networking and sharing.The conference featured 32 parallel talks, 15 projects, 8 workshops, 2 round-tables and the exhibition of 98 posters – making it one of the major science education events in Europe.

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Science is Wonderful! calls on teachers and researchers to team up and co-create learning materials

The European Commission is calling on both teachers to enter the world of research, and on MSCA scientists to enter the world of primary and secondary education. The ‘EXPERTiment for the Classroom’ competition will give teachers and scientists a rare opportunity to team up in their subject area and co-create learning material. Together you can develop a proposal for an experiment, quiz, game, or a combination of these, or any other activity guaranteed to have a real-life application.

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