23 maj
24 maj

The EDU-ARCTIC Final Conference

Plats: Paris

Land: Frankrike

Organisatör: EDU-Arctic

Typ av evenemang: konferens

Målgrupper: utbildningsmyndigheter,  allmänheten,  beslutsfattare,  forskare

Tema: STEM Education

Evenemangets språk: Engelska

The conference is held on 23-24 May 2019 in Paris, France. It will bring together scientists, higher education administrators, decision-makers and teachers as well as students to present and discuss the results of the EDU-ARCTIC project followed by hundreds of schools and thousands of students in secondary education across Europe and elsewhere.

The programme will offer a number of high-profile keynotes by some leading actors in the field, presentations of the project results, panel discussions, hands-on activities and a guided tour of UVSQ’s atmosphere science laboratory.

Participation in the conference is free.

URL: https://edu-arctic.eu/conference



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