26th Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab

The 26th Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab, organised by BLOOM - Boosting European Citizens’ Knowledge and Awareness of Bio-Economy Research and Innovation, took place in Brussels in January 2019, from Friday the 25th (starting time: 13:00) to Saturday the 26th (end of the day).

In total, 20 participants from 10+ countries joined the event.

The event represented the third meeting of the BLOOM Pilot teachers and provided an opportunity for these pedagogical experts in bioeconomy to finalise their work on the project. With the help of the four event facilitators, 16 teacher experts exchanged their experiences in testing the Bioeconomy Future Classroom Scenarios and contributed with their expertise to shaping the delivery of the BLOOM Massive Open Online Course which will be launched on the European Schoolnet academy on the 4th of March.

SOMR available to any teacher, Ministry of Education, STEM expert during the current COVID-19 lock-down period:

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