16th Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab

The 16th Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab, organised by by Europeana DSI-3 and Scientix, took place in Brussels in October 2017, from Friday 27 (starting time: 19:30) to Sunday 29 (end ~13:30h).

In total 53 participants from 18 countries joined the event.

After a common programme including presentations from:

  • Scientix [pdf]
  • Europeana DSI-3
  • EUN Academy [pdf]

Participants were split depending on the project they are working on:

28 Scientix Ambassadors learned about organizing events, how to present more effectively, social media, STEM skills and the future, and the STEM Alliance Professionals Go back to school initiative.

The 18 Europeana DSI-3 teachers started their work to create learning activities, datasets and pedagogical scenarios, based on the Europeana Collections.



 Note: this page will be constantly updated until all presentations are collected and published

SOMR available to any teacher, Ministry of Education, STEM expert during the current COVID-19 lock-down period:

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