24 mar

BRITEC & Scientix Webinar: A roadmap to citizen science Education

Lokacija: Online

Organizator_ka: Scientix, BRITEC

Vrsta dogodka: spletni seminar

Ciljne skupine: raziskovalci

Tema: STEM Education

Jezik dogodka: Angleško

In this webinar, held online on 24th March 2021 at 17:00 CET, scientists will have the opportunity to learn how to utilise the possibilities a classroom can offer to their research.

With citizen science education projects, scientists can engage students in any stage of the research process they want and get work done in no time while actively supporting teachers in linking their class with real science. Although very close to citizen science, citizen science education projects have proved to deliver more data and of better quality.

Teachers can be great allies for scientists. They can make sure that the scientific process is followed and that students are responsible for a minimal amount of scientific work. Therefore, it is very important to be able to collaborate with teachers and know the details about the field of education and its restrictions. This will allow you to easily get the support you need from teachers in any future research project.

Apart from processes and collaboration tips and tricks, this webinar will also provide advice on data management in such projects.

Please register via the form below and find a detailed agenda of the webinar.


  1. Introduction (5 minutes)
  2. Presentation 1 (Chris Giannaros – Research Associate, National Observatory, Greece, 15 min.)
    • Citizen Science Education
    • Additional Opportunities
    • Challenges
  3. Presentation 2 (Adrián F. Gollerizo – Secondary Education Teacher, Spain, 15 min.)
    • Collaboration with teachers: The BRITEC collaboration guide (Infographic about scientific activity template and Lesson Plan template)
  4. Presentation 3 (Mieke Sterken – Citizen Science Liaison, KU Leuven & Citizen Science Advisor, Scivil, Belgium 15 min.)
    • Data talk
  5. Q&A Session (10 min.)

URL: https://forms.gle/rn3D9oUiSoanShRn8



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