21 jan

T³ Europe Virtual Sharing Inspiration Conference: Applying Research in STEM Classrooms Concretely

Localização: Online

Organizador: T³ Europe

Tipo de evento: conferência

Grupos-alvo: professores

Tema: STEM Education

Língua do evento: Inglês

In 2021, the bi-yearly conference Sharing Inspiration will go virtual. This means the conference will for the first time be open to all European STEM teachers who wish to learn and exchange on STEM Education topics. Sharing Inspiration offers year-round activities for teachers, such as quarterly conferences and monthly webinars.

The first conference, held on 21 January 2021, will focus on applying research in STEM classrooms. In total, four T³ Europe Virtual Sharing Inspiration Conference will be organised in 2021:

  • January 21 - Applying Research in STEM Classrooms Concretely
  • April 22 - STEM Education for a Sustainable World
  • September 16 - Computational Thinking and Coding in the Classroom
  • November 18 - Energy – The Elephant in the Room
  • The programme and registration page for the first conference are available on the website linked below.

URL: https://www.t3europe.eu/en/t3-europe/professional-development/sharing-inspiration-2021



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