13 nov

Dialogues on Learning Research Integrity: Why STE(A)M education matters – exchange of best practice

Localização: Online

Organizador: Path2Integrity

Tipo de evento: reunião (em linha)

Grupos-alvo: autoridades educativas,  público geral,  investigadores,  professores

Tema: STEM Education

Língua do evento: Inglês

From October 2020 until February 2021, Path2Integrity invites you to Path2Intgrity’s dialogues, an opportunity to attend excellent, vivid events and to submit your papers to a special issue of their journal called "Dialogues on Learning Research Integrity".

The “Why STE(A)M education matters – exchange of best practice” session, held on Friday 13 November 2020 at 13:00 CET, will be moderated by Dr Àgueda Gras-Velázquez, Head of the Science Education Department of European Schoolnet and Scientix Project Manager.

The project invites teachers of all education levels, curriculum developers, research ethics committee members and research integrity officers, researchers, university managers and administrators, representatives of research and education funding agencies, media and community representatives to discuss their own experiences and works related to teaching and learning research integrity.

More info and registration instructions are available on the website linked below.

URL: https://www.path2integrity.eu/show/2343_Dialogues#



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