The 2021 STEM Discovery Campaign

See the record-breaking results of our annual campaign!

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Three Rs MOOC Rerun

Inform your students about Replacing, Reducing and Refining animal use in science!

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Eurostat videos: engage your students with statistics

Inspire your students to play with statistics by integrating Eurostat videos in the classroom!

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 Eurostat videos

Aerospace in Class Validation report

Discover best activities to introduce the aerospace topic in the classroom!
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Aerospace in Class Validation report
Scientix interview series  

This short video compiles several testimonials from National Contact Points and from the representatives of the Ministries of Education STEM Working Group on how Scientix has reached out to teacher communities and contributed to the development of national strategies for wider uptake of inquiry- based and other innovative, effective and engaging approaches to STEM education.

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Latest project

[p]:ROBOT - learn to code using robots

The [p]:ROBOT project, addressed to secondary school teachers and high school students, aims to increase innovation and interdisciplinarity of education among secondary schools by developing and disseminating educational materials for pupils and teachers on the use of robot programming for STEM education.

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#girlsgonna: Promoting diversity in the digital sector

#girlsgonna is an educational project in online format aimed at teaching programming to children in primary education, showing diverse models that make it possible to reduce stereotypes around people who work in science and technology.

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Latest News

Join forces with science and participate in the unique “Three Rs in Education Competition for Teachers 2021”!

“The Three Rs in Education Competition for Teachers 2021” encourages teachers to create and test materials that include alternatives to animal testing in science, making the lessons and learning scenarios more interesting and connected to real life for students.

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The Clean Tech Competition 2021: “Preserving Planet Earth”

The Clean Tech Competition is an international sustainability innovation competition for 15-18-year-olds. The programme encourages scientific understanding of real-world issues and the integration of environmentally responsible energy sources.

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