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Winners of the STEM Discovery Week 2017

See the eight winning submissions from teachers for the STEM Discovery Week competitions here.

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Scientix interview series  

Fatiha Baki, STEM Teacher, Belgium, says Scientix helps teachers to find windows of opportunites to develop their own personal teaching skills and to find new resources to get new ideas for their teaching and day-to-day life, like she explains in this Scientix interview.

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Latest project

BCN Rocks

Barcelona Rocks, an app for those who want to learn geology in their city

Discover the science behind geology in your city through the use of an interactive application with exploration routes, digital simulations and experiments.

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We are all Archeology

We are all archaeology

This project aims to emphasise the role of archaeology not only as a historical science or the origin of a collective identity, but also as an engine for economic growth and a source of employment.

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Latest News

Girls in ICT pledge 2017

Pledge now to encourage girls to pursue ICT studies and careers

While employment in Europe’s ICT sector is on the rise, the share of women in the workforce is decreasing. Women are estimated to be only 16% of the total and, as a response to this trend, the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition wants organisations to take action.

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Publish your classroom experiments at Ciênsação

Teachers and other educators can now publish their own hands-on experiments at the Ciênsação open web platform, which is developed with the support of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).

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