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STEM Discovery Week 2017

Organise a STEM event, make your own poster or discuss great science books in one of the three competitions of Scientix and you may win a prize!

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Scientix interview series  

Elaine Muscat, a teacher of mathematics, Malta, says that Scientix helped her to believe in her role as a science educator. For Maltese teachers, Scientix facilitates collaboration, networking and the sharing of resources with teachers across Europe., like she explains in this Scientix interview.

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Latest project

ICRC logo

Science to Schools and Pupils to Science: Systematic Preparation towards Excellence in Science, Research, and Education

The project is focused on the systematic support of collaboration among research institutions (FNUSA-ICRC), high schools and universities.

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Science in schools

A programme combining Science, Schools and English language is inspiring French school pupils to engage with science in a new way.

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Latest News

Thomas Pesquet

Astro Pi sends Scientix to the International Space Station!

One of the winning schools in the European Astro Pi Challenge wrote a code, which pays tribute to the Scientix community, for the Proxima mission of astronaut Thomas Pesquet.

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Big Bang Fair winners

Over 500 student-based science projects at the Big Bang Fair

Birds have a preference for the colour blue and a vest can predict epileptic attacks in humans, according to two new projects presented by top young scientists and engineers in Britain.

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