The first European Integrated STEM Teaching Framework

The framework is designed for all education stakeholders in Europe.

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STE(A)M IT framework

4th Scientix Conference

The conference is over, but you can access recordings of the sessions here, and download valuable materials.

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Scientix TV episode 6 is here!

What are the benefits of environmental education? How can you integrate it into your classes? Find out on Scientix TV!

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Vote for your favourite resources in the Scientix Resource Repository.

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Scientix Translation Service Campaign
Scientix interview series  

This short video compiles several testimonials from National Contact Points and from the representatives of the Ministries of Education STEM Working Group on how Scientix has reached out to teacher communities and contributed to the development of national strategies for wider uptake of inquiry- based and other innovative, effective and engaging approaches to STEM education.

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Latest project


Science is Wonderful! is a European Commission initiative bringing together leading researchers and budding young scientists.

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Math Exercises for You 2 (Math4U2) offers attractive and complex training materials for students and tools for teachers to prepare tests and exams.

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Latest News


The STE(A)M IT project has just published the first European Integrated STEM Teaching Framework!

Integrated STEM teaching is more important than ever. However, the number of tertiary students in STEM fields is falling, the STEM industry is experiencing talent shortages, and with the lack of STEM visionaries, innovation is stalling. That is why we need to start nurturing STEM experts today. To fix this, the STE(A)M IT project has launched the first European Integrated STEM Teaching Framework. We have added (A) for ‘all’ to STEM topics because STEM does not work in isolation from the outside world.

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Vote for your favourite Scientix Repository resources in the Translation Service Campaign 5

Looking for teaching resources in your own language? With the start of the new school year, Scientix and STEM School Label invite you to vote for your favourite resources in the Scientix Resource Repository . The most voted resources will be translated into 37 languages!

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August, 2021