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Online courses

Massive Open Online Courses: A comprehensive training in STEM education.
Webinars: 45 minutes interactive presentations.
Moodle: Subject based science courses.

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Scientix interview series  

José Soares, STEM Teacher, Portugal, says that Scientix has an important role to play in Portugal, because it introduces teachers to new ideas, resources and teaching and learning methods in science education, like he explains in this Scientix interview.

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Latest project

Vigie Nature Ecolo logo

Vigie-Nature École

With Vigie-Nature École, primary and secondary teachers explore how they can address in classrooms the subject of the social and economic impact of human activities on ecosystems.

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TACCLE 3 - Coding (Teachers' Aid on Creating Content for Learning Environments)

Taccle 3 Coding is a project that supports mostly primary school teachers who want to teach computing to 4 to 14 year olds by equipping them with knowledge and materials needed to achieve this goal.

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Latest News


OpenSKIMR helps people to find their ideal career paths

The Management Centre Innsbruck (MCI), PDAgroup and Telefónica have released the prototype for a new online career match-making tool, as part of the OpenSKIMR project. This tool uses an algorithm to find matches between its users’ personal profiles and possible career opportunities or suitable training.

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A new virtual science club created for children and youngsters

Young learners can now join the StarT GoEdu! virtual science club, where they can observe and carry out experiments that are related to their fields of interest.

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