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STEM Education Policies and Practices in Europe

Two new and important Scientix Observatory reports are available for download here.
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STEM Discovery Week 2019

See the results of the 4th edition of popular STEM Discovery Week which aimed to share best practices in using innovative STEM resources!

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Research in STEM education

The Scientix Newsletter gives you an overview of research in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education.

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Scientix interview series  

Mr Evarist Bartolo, Minister of Education and Employment, Malta, speaks about current practice in education and the need for inquiry-based science education, in this Scientix interview, recorded at the Scientix Conference in Brussels, Belgium, 4-6 May 2018.

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Latest project

TIWI logo

TIWI, Teaching ICT with Inquiry

The TIWI project provides a combination of ICT teaching with Inquiry-Based Science Learning (IBSL), an education technique that always begins with questions and problems.

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The main purpose of the national project is to develop and test pedagogical approaches and strategies for Scientific and Mathematical Literacy with promoting Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving and efficient use of ICT.

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Latest News


Teaching with Europeana: new inspiring learning scenarios every week!

Are you looking for a diverse, open and regularly updated catalogue of learning scenarios? Teaching with the Europeana blog is made for you!

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Can you be “literate” in astronomy? Astronomy Literacy Booklet released by IAU

The motto of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) Office for Astronomy Outreach is “Astronomy for All”. To make it happen, societies and citizens should be astronomically literate. But what does it mean for a person to be “literate” in astronomy?

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