STEM Education Policies and Practices in Europe

Two new and important Scientix Observatory reports are available for download here.
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3rd Scientix Conference

Everything you need to know about the 3rd Scientix Conference in one place.

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Science campaigns 2018-2019

Prepare yourself for STEM Discovery Week 2019 and other science campaigns happening this school year!

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Winners of the STEM Discovery Week 2018
Scientix interview series  

Dr Beth Healey, Medical expert on space and extreme environments, United Kingdom, speaks about teachers who inspired her when she was young and got her interested in science, which led her to her current career. Dr Healey tells us more about this in this Scientix interview, recorded at the Scientix Conference in Brussels, Belgium, 4-6 May 2018.

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Latest project

Open Discoveries of STEM Laboratories logo

ODL – Open Discovery of STEM Laboratories

ODL equips European school teachers to use micro-MOOC (Massive Open Online Content) – an innovative approach for deploying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) laboratories.

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Cinemaths Paradise logo


“CINEMATHS PARADISE” involves four schools: IES Alcántara (Spain), Lycée Général Technologique J.M. Carriat (France), Agerbæk Skole (Denmark), Evangeliki Model School of Smyrna (Greece).

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Latest News

Lilu's House - Science on Stage 2018

Developing language skills through experiments in natural sciences

Lilu’s House” is a new teaching brochure that demonstrates how experiments in the field of natural sciences in primary schools can at the same time strengthen students’ language skills, such as reading, writing and speaking. This brochure includes specific ideas and practical advice for this purpose, developed by a team of teachers in seven countries.

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Scientix eConfidence seminar 2018

Serious games to increase interest in mathematics

My students actually ended up discussing mathematics problems and homework outside of school, in a friendly environment, without any special encouragement from me,” says Anna Sulek, Mathematics Teacher and Scientix Ambassador, about her experience of participating in the Triseum Validation Pilot project.

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