05 Oct

International Observe the Moon Night

Location: Worldwide

Organizer: NASA

Type of event: International Day

Target groups: counsellors,  general public,  learners,  other,  parents,  teachers

Topic: astronomy

Language of event: English

International Observe the Moon Night, held each year in September or October, is a worldwide celebration of lunar science and exploration, celestial observation, and our cultural and personal connections to the Moon.

You can participate by attending or hosting an International Observe the Moon Night event, or by registering as a lunar observer.

Url: https://moon.nasa.gov/observe-the-moon/annual-event/overview/?fbclid=IwAR1BQSi-qRUfnQKvj_BT9F-qWRl6y_qcnNAlY5c1-r9Saz17pxKJ7IYFQpI

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