25 Aug
27 Aug

XXIV Annual Meeting of the Polish Association of Science Teachers

Location: Opole

Country: Poland

Organizer: PSNPP

Type of event: conference

Target groups: educational authorities,  industry,  researchers,  teachers

Topic: biology,  biotechnology,  chemistry,  ecology,  energy,  engineering,  geography,  physics,  science education,  technology

Language of event: Polish

The XXIV Zjazd PSNPP “Wyzwania współczesnej energetyki” is the next annual meeting of science teachers in Poland. This meeting is held in Opole, Poland, from 25 to 27 August 2017, sponsored and facilitated by the Voivodship Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Opole. This meeting addresses, among other things, the challenges of the modern electrical industry, energy and how to teach related subjects.

Url: http://psnpp.org.pl/



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