15 Jun

Scientix Webinar: My Favourite Experiments – More Low-Cost Science

Location: Online

Organizer: Scientix

Type of event: webinar

Target groups: general public,  teachers,  youth

Topic: STEM Education

Language of event: English

Michael Gregory is back for another webinar on low-cost experiments! During the webinar, you’ll be invited to run to your kitchen, bathroom or office to gather a couple of simple materials to follow some easy and awesome experiments.

The webinar will also feature some experiments included in Michael’s new science show, ‘Experiments – World Tour’, which he’s hoping to perform (for free) in schools and science centres across Europe as he cycles across the continent this summer and early autumn. Michael will also present his monthly online ‘Experiment Share’ meetings and his ‘Homemade Science Video Festival’, among many other opportunities to learn and share low-cost experiments.

Michael Gregory is a Scientix Ambassador and member of Science on Stage Team France. He has crossed over 30 countries by bicycle to connect with science educators and share ideas, many of which are shared on his YouTube channel. A few days after this webinar, he will start cycling across Europe again. His ride will start in France and should eventually end in Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece in early autumn, with many parts in between still being determined. Please get in touch if you would like him to make a detour to your country or school. For more information on his itinerary as it develops, and upcoming events, please see his full bio.

The webinar will take place on Wednesday 15 June 2022, 17:00-18:00 CEST. You can register by clicking on the link above.

Url: https://forms.gle/SajYzbXvZUK4Gjnj8



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