01 May
06 May

Learning together course: There is No Planet B

Location: Porto

Country: Portugal

Organizer: Learning Together

Type of event: training (face-to-face)

Target groups: teachers

Topic: STEM

Language of event: English

This course is designed to introduce climate change education for sustainable development across the curriculum, on multiple subjects. We all need to understand how and what to teach about the complex forces driving climate change as well as its impacts on the culture, safety and well-being of our lives and those of future generations.

Objectives: Teachers have an essential role when it comes to pushing forward a whole-school response to climate change. It includes addressing climate and sustainability across the curriculum, building upon the participatory learning approaches called for by education for sustainable development, moving learning out of the classroom and into the community. How can Climate Change Education and Environmental Sustainability be part of the school curriculum? Learn more about the course and register here. All costs can be supported with a KA grant under the Erasmus+ programme.

Url: https://www.learning-together.eu/there-is-no-planet-b/



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