28 Aug

International Conference of Interdisciplinary STEM Studies 2018

Location: Nitra

Country: Slovakia

Organizer: IncluSMe

Type of event: conference

Target groups: counsellors,  educational authorities,  policy makers,  researchers,  teachers

Topic: ecology,  mathematics,  science education

Language of event: English

The International IncluSMe conference is held on 28 August 2018 at Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, the Slovak Republic.

This conference is aimed at introducing inclusive and intercultural pedagogical principles incorporated in modules for teaching and learning outside-of-school mathematics and science, to show different perspectives on dealing with current ecological problems and to introduce culture-related contexts for mathematics and science. The target group of the conference is in-service teachers of mathematics and science.

Url: http://inclusme-project.eu/event/international-conference-of-interdisciplinary-stem-studies/



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