13 Sep
20 Oct

The Three Rs and Animal Use in Science MOOC rerun

Location: Online

Organizer: European Schoolnet Academy

Type of event: massive open online course (MOOC)

Target groups: teachers

Topic: STEM

Language of event: English

Are you a teacher willing to improve animal welfare in science? Do you want to bring into your classroom the “Replace, Reduce and Refine” principles and make your students aware of alternatives to animal testing? A rerun of our successful Three Rs and Animal Use in science MOOC is here for you!

The Three Rs stand for Replacement, to replace animals with other methods wherever possible; Reduction, to use fewer animals in research and safety testing; and Refinement, to minimise discomfort in lab animals through better housing, handling and pain relief. The course, which will be launched on the 13th September 2021, will take you through these principles, and many examples on how to address them in the classroom.

Besides, thanks to this MOOC educators will discover new ways to develop students’ critical thinking and debating skills, improve their data literacy, and enhance their understanding of science. Furthermore, it will help you to include elements from other disciplines and introduce a wide variety of topics ranging from sustainability to ethics, philosophy and modern scientific practice in class!

The MOOC is open and will be most relevant for secondary school life sciences teachers. However, all secondary school teachers, as well as animal science/welfare stakeholders and policymakers are welcome to join. Read the MOOC program here.

Url: https://www.europeanschoolnetacademy.eu/courses/course-v1:ThreeRs+AnimalsInScience+2021/about



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