25 Mar

Moon Camp Challenge 2020-2021

Location: Online

Organizer: ESA, Airbus Foundation

Type of event: contest

Target groups: educational authorities,  general public,  learners,  parents,  teachers

Topic: STEM Education

Language of event: English

Moon Camp is an education project run in collaboration between ESA and the Airbus Foundation, in partnership with Autodesk. It uses innovative learning technologies to challenge students to design their own Moon settlement with a 3D modelling tool (Tinkercad or Fusion 360).

Participation is open worldwide to students up to 19 years old. Moon Camp Discovery is recommended for students aged 6 to 14. Participating students must be supported by a teacher, educator or parent.

Moon Camp is divided into three separate categories featuring different levels of complexity:

  • Moon Camp Discovery
  • Moon Camp Explorers
  • Moon Camp Pioneers

The submission form is open until 25 March 2021. Find more details on the website below.

Url: https://mooncampchallenge.org/moon-camp-discovery/

SOMR available to any teacher, Ministry of Education, STEM expert during the current COVID-19 lock-down period:

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If you are organising a conference, workshop, webinar or other events on any aspect of science education, please let us know. 

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