05 Jun
06 Jun

LUMAT 2018 Symposium

Location: Tampere

Country: Finland

Organizer: LUMA Centre

Type of event: forum

Target groups: counsellors,  educational authorities,  researchers,  teachers

Topic: applied sciences,  information and communications technology,  mathematics,  science education,  technology

Language of event: English,  Finnish

LUMA Centre Finland invites educators to attend its International LUMAT Symposium: Research and Practice in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education (LUMAT) 2018 in Tampere, Finland, from 5 to 6 June 2018. This 2018 edition of the LUMAT Symposium examines in particular two core topics. First, design-based research (DBR) in mathematics, science and technology education. Second, the use of information and communications technology (ICT) in mathematics, science and technology education.

Url: http://www.luma.fi/en/lumat-2018/



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