25 Sep
27 Sep

Science is wonder-ful 2017

Location: Brussels

Country: Belgium

Organizer: European Commission

Type of event: exhibition

Target groups: counsellors,  educational authorities,  general public,  industry,  learners,  other,  parents,  policy makers,  researchers,  teachers

Topic: applied sciences,  biological sciences,  computer science,  environmental sciences,  information and communications technology,  materials sciences,  medical sciences,  natural sciences,  physical sciences,  science education

Language of event: Dutch,  English,  French

Free and open to the public, the annual ‘Science is wonder-ful’ event aims to stimulate interest in and curiosity for science and research through a set of ‘edutainment’ activities, challenge the communication skills of the researchers present at the event, and bring the researcher community together with the public at large.

This event in Brussels, Belgium, will present some novelties with respect to the previous edition, and is extended to three days of science festivities! The House of European History hosts the Falling Walls Lab on 25 September, and the European Researchers’ Night is celebrated at the Parliamentarium visitors’ centre on 26 and 27 September.

Url: http://ec.europa.eu/research/mariecurieactions/science-is-wonderful_en



If you are organising a conference, workshop, webinar or other events on any aspect of science education, please let us know. 

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