07 Apr
08 Apr

MATh.en.JEANS Congress

Location: Cluj-Napoca

Country: Romania

Organizer: MATHLAN

Type of event: conference

Target groups:

Topic: applied sciences,  materials sciences,  mathematics,  science education

Language of event: English

The MATh.en.JEANS Congress is a conference held in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) on 7 and 8 April 2017, where the high-school students who were involved in maths research workshops organised in Romania, Italy, France, etc. will present their research topics and research results, as part of the MATLAN project.

The conference is a unique moment of synthesis and evaluation, which puts across all the research efforts since the beginning of the school year. Teachers (facilitators of the maths research workshops) and researchers will have the chance to discuss issues related to the organisation and implementation of the maths research workshops.

Url: http://www.mathenjeans.fr/Congres2017/Cluj



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