09 Dec

Scientix Webinar: Professional development of science teachers

Location: Online

Organizer: Scientix

Type of event: webinar

Target groups:

Topic: applied sciences,  materials sciences,  medical sciences,  natural sciences,  physical sciences,  science education

Language of event: English

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The webinar will take place in the Scientix online meeting room on Friday 9 December 2016 at 17:00 Central European Time. After registration, you will receive an email with instructions. NB: Places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis!

Webinar outline:

Professional development is an important requirement in the work of all science teachers. It is a lifelong process which demands both time and effort. Professional development keeps teachers up-to-date with evidence-based research on teaching and learning methods, emerging technology tools for the classroom, and new curricula. The main goal of this webinar is to support primary and secondary teachers in their professional development, regardless of their experience with science subjects. A plethora of ideas and possibilities is presented, covering a wide range of ongoing programmes and initiatives (online training seminars, communities of practice, Erasmus+ courses).

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About the presenter:

Panagiota Argyri is a mathematics teacher at the Model High School Evangelika in Smyrna, Greece. Panagiota, a former Scientix Ambassador, has participated in numerous workshops and conferences, so she is well acquainted with the work of Scientix. In addition, she has been Ambassador for the Inspiring Science project and the Go-Lab project, has organised seminars and training courses for Greek schools and is a science tutor at the educational department of ASPETE.

Nikolaos Nerantzis is a physics teacher in special education at a secondary school in Thessaloniki, Greece. Since 2006, Nikolaos has supported and promoted scientific education to students, while inspiring and engaging many other colleagues to explore innovative ways of teaching and to promote science education, in both the national and the European context.

Url: https://goo.gl/forms/FIj1U0jB4J01rAA43



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