08 Jun

Scientix webinar: Manuskills Approach - Raising Students' Awareness in Manufacturing through STEM

Location: online

Organizer: Scientix

Type of event: webinar

Target groups: teachers

Topic: STEM

Language of event: English

Register to the webinar!
The webinar will take place at 17.00 CEST in the Scientix online meeting room. After registration, you will receive an email with instructions. NB: Places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis!

Webinar outline:

The webinar will focus mainly on providing interested secondary school teachers with cutting-edge ICT educational tools and corresponding methods for involving engineering concepts in their teaching. In more detail, two activities will be presented, targeting various engineering concepts: "How to Build a Skateboard?" and "Interactive product Assembly". The first activity (How to Build a Skateboard?) is a simulation based on a professional software developed by Dassault Systems (http://www.3ds.com/) . The aim of this activity is to engage students in the procedure of designing a 3D skateboard through the simulation tool. The second activity (Interactive product Assembly) is a VR (virtual reality) application developed by LMS lab (http://lms.mech.upatras.gr/). The aim of this activity is to introduce students to the concept of product assembly, through the example of putting together a radio-controlled car. Finally, we would be very interested in getting constructive feedback from teachers concerning suitability and implementation issues of the activities on different age groups of students and also invite them to use the presented activities in their classrooms.

Relevant Links:

For further information, prior to the webinar, you may have a look on the project's website (http://www.manuskills.org/) and also on the Manuskills Platform (http://demo.manuskills.org/) where you may find all the activities developed so far and also corresponding educational material.

About the presenters:

Maria Margoudi is a pedagogue with a focus on Digital Technologies for educational purposes and currently a Scientific Assistant at EPFL (Federal Polytechnic Institution of Lausanne) and involved in Manuskills project. During the webinar will be presenting Manuskills' approach towards incorporating the developed ICT tools in primary and secondary education.

Hadrien Szigeti is a strategy analyst in the industry at Dassault Systèmes Has developed the Skateboard pedagogic scenario in order to let teenagers experience in a simple and fun way the work of an assembly specialist in the factory of the future.

Stratos Antoniou is a research Assistant at the Virtual Reality Group of Laboaratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation (LMS). During the webinar will be presenting the Manuskills experiment developed by LMS called Interactive Product Assembly which uses immersive Virtual Reality technologies to introduce users to manufacturing processes.

Url: http://bit.ly/1HkmfmN



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