20 nov

eSafety Label+ Final Conference "Safer schools, confident teachers, happier pupils"

Asukoht: Crowne Plaza Brussels

Korraldaja: eSafety Label+

Ürituse tüüp: konverents


Teema: Digitaalne kodakondsus

Ürituse keel: Inglise

The eSafety Label+ final conference is a collaborative event open to everyone interested in online safety strategies for schools and the wider community. Based on the experience of the eSafety Label+ project, stakeholders will discuss how to implement online safety education in today’s curricula and the classrooms of tomorrow, empowering educators to become eSafety ambassadors.

Moreover, participants will have the opportunity to actively engage in a range of interactive sessions including a hands-on Crypto Party where latest online safety trends and issues will be discussed and educational resources and activities will be showcased.

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Veebiaadress (URL): https://www.eiseverywhere.com/ehome/index.php?eventid=475848&



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