14 nov
15 nov

FCL course: Active learning in my school and classroom

Asukoht: Future Classroom Lab

Korraldaja: Future Classroom Lab

Ürituse tüüp: töötuba


Teema: innovatsiooniõpe

Ürituse keel: Inglise

The Future Classroom is a space for active learning. It integrates the optimal use of the learning space, technology and pedagogy to build 21st century skills for the learners.

In this workshop you will explore how the Future Classroom learning zones together with a Future Classroom pedagogy and technologies effects students. The workshop combines both theory and hands-on activities, and it is aimed at teachers who want to adapt the principles of active learning into their teaching practice, and teachers and coordinators who consider designing or adapting learning spaces at school.

Veebiaadress (URL): http://fcl.eun.org/courses



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