11 sep

Webinar “Learning from experience: How to restart after the lockdown” (in Italian)

Asukoht: Online

Korraldaja: Scientix Ambassadors

Ürituse tüüp: veebinar

Sihtgrupid: haridusjuhid,  poliitika suunajad,  õpetajad

Teema: STEM Education

Ürituse keel: Itaalia

This webinar, taking place on 11 September from 14:30 to 17:30 CEST, will allow Italian teachers, headmasters and stakeholders to debate about issues and tools to use in the classroom when schools open again for students after the long closure due to the pandemic. Experts will show how it is possible to use what happened in the past months to innovate teaching and assessment methods.

The speakers will be some Scientix Ambassadors and three stakeholders:

  • Alfonso D’Ambrosio, former Scientix Ambassador and now headmaster of the school located in one of the first “red areas” of Italy that will be visited by the Italian Republic President Mr Sergio Mattarella as a symbol to open the new school year
  • Enzo Zecchi, an expert in authentic skills assessment
  • Roberto Maragliano, former university professor in Rome, who has been involved in digital education for years.

The event will be held in Italian. You can register via the link below.

Veebiaadress (URL): http://bit.ly/Scientix11092020



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