07 sep
14 okt

‘STEM is Everywhere!’ MOOC Rerun

Asukoht: Online

Korraldaja: Scientix

Ürituse tüüp: massive open online course (MOOC)

Sihtgrupid: õpetajad

Teema: STEM Education

Ürituse keel: Inglise

The ‘STEM is Everywhere!’ MOOC was organised for the first time in 2018 by Scientix and European Schoolnet Academy. Its big success motivated a decision to hold a rerun in September 2020 and create a fully Integrated STEM expertise for future participants by combining this course in the STEM MOOCs package with the ‘Integrated STEM Teaching’ MOOCs of the STE(A)M IT project.

The ‘STEM is Everywhere!’ MOOC will help primary and secondary school teachers and teacher trainers from Europe and beyond to identify STEM in everyday life and learn how to integrate real-world STEM problems into their lessons and practice. Participants of this MOOC will find numerous classroom activities and resources on how to use real-world problems in their STEM teaching.

Veebiaadress (URL): /live/moocs/stem-moocs-package



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