24 sep
16 nov

‘Diversity in STEM' Competition

Asukoht: online

Korraldaja: STEM Alliance

Ürituse tüüp: muu


Teema: STEM (teadus, tehnoloogia, inseneriteadus, matemaatika)

Ürituse keel: Inglise

STEM Alliance invites all primary and secondary school teachers and career counsellors working across Europe to participate in the ‘Diversity in STEM' competition by either submitting an activity that promotes diversity in STEM or by creating a STEM careers resource. The competition aims to highlight that diversity is an essential element for STEM innovation. Educators of STEM subjects are invited to showcase best practices of diverse and inclusive representation of gender, economic and social backgrounds in the classroom and how they fight stereotypes in the field. Bringing diversity in STEM can also mean collaboration between educators, governments, industry and non-profit organisations.

Veebiaadress (URL): http://www.stemalliance.eu/campaigns/diversity-in-stem2018-competition



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