Go on Terra Mission!

Join 'Terra Mission MOOC: Teaching Sustainability for Action’and help students become climate experts.

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Terra Mission MOOC

Call for new Scientix Ambassadors

Scientix is looking for dynamic, motivated and creative teachers to join our Teachers’ Panel

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Call for Scientix Ambassadors

Meet the winners of the SDC21!

Discover the results of the competitions organised within the 2021 STEM Discovery Campaign.

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SDC21 winners

'Integrated STEM teaching’ MOOCs rerun

Bring your teaching skills to the next level by mastering the contextualization of STEM.

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Scientix interview series  

This short video compiles several testimonials from National Contact Points and from the representatives of the Ministries of Education STEM Working Group on how Scientix has reached out to teacher communities and contributed to the development of national strategies for wider uptake of inquiry- based and other innovative, effective and engaging approaches to STEM education.

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Latest project

ASSESSMAKE21, Innovative Digital Solutions to Assess 21st Century Skills in Makerspaces

The ASSESSMAKE21 learning intervention is a response to the question frequently raised by teachers, educators and facilitators who work in makerspaces: “In an open-ended environment, like this of a makerspace, where students create unique solution paths to problems, interact with peers, change roles, use a variety of tools and materials and act in both the physical and digital world... how can I assess the skills that they develop?”

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iSTEM, where the 'i' stands for interaction, interdisciplinary, ingenious, intriguing and inclusive. iSTEM combines Flemish expertise in STEM education to support schools, teachers, teacher trainers and policymakers. The interassociation of Flemish universities and university colleges works together with many partners within the Flemish STEM landscape and thus functions as a HUB for STEM education in Flanders.

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Latest News

Play the “Story of Bird Migration” game with your students in your own language thanks to the Scientix Translation Service!

The classroom game developed by Edu Artic Project was the most voted-for resource from the Scientix repository in the category “curriculum implementation” during the Translation Service Campaign 2. The teaching material will be available in 37 languages thanks to the contest, and it will be a fun opportunity to teach your students the survival journey of birds.

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What teachers can learn from Nature-Based Solutions

Amid the climate crisis our planet is experiencing, Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) have appeared as reliable alternatives to help build resilience and increase biodiversity. To ensure a future where our children can thrive, learning for sustainability and NBS must be integrated into the school curriculum. With this idea in mind, on December 10th, the European Commission hosted the event “Let Nature Be the Solution”, a turning point in European education to showcase what teachers and students can learn from the NBS project.

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