Parallel sessions IV

18. Mobiles and games

18.1 Mobile learning: Go for it! (T39), Stavros Nikou

Abstract: In recent years, the use of mobile devices has significantly increased among the youth population. However, despite the widespread adoption of smartphones and tablets in everyday life, their use in education is in an early adoption phase. Moreover, the "anytime, anywhere" feature of mobile learning may have a considerable impact on how learning takes place in many disciplines and educational contexts. This presentation will argue that mobile technology could play an important role in education, with a special focus on inquiry-based learning.

18.2 STEM for all: Developmental & game-based approach (T40), Tuula Nousiainen

Abstract: The need to make scientific careers more attractive has been a major challenge for a long time. However, in many cases, this challenge is recognised too late, when many students have already lost their interest and dropped out of the "scientific path". The presentation will reflect on these issues from the perspective of two projects: the European UPDATE (Understanding and Providing a Developmental Approach to Technology Education) project, and the FUN (Finland-U.S. Network for Engagement and STEM Learning in Games) project.