Parallel sessions IV

16. Coding in education

16.1 Computer programming and coding skills in national, regional or school curricula (T68), Katja Engelhardt

Abstract: In this presentation we will share the results of a survey launched this summer by European Schoolnet for which 20 Ministries of Education gave an overview of their current initiatives and plans on computer programming and coding skills in national, regional or school curricula. Computer programming and coding is already part of the curriculum in 12 countries: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal and the UK (England). The talk will include how is coding integrating in the curriculum, what training will teachers receive and how assessment is considered in that field.

16.2 Programming Creative Games in Estonia (T71), Tauno Palts

Abstract: Estonia is a small a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe, where October is coulourful, but cold and rainy at the same time. October is the perfect time to start with programming creative games. Three studentmade weather inspired games are demonstrated during the talk: Scratch game (from 10-12 years old students); App Inventor game (from 13-15 years old students) and Python game (from 16-18 years old students).