Parallel sessions I

2. School projects

2.1 Creativity in teaching science (T11), Sanja Bulat and Ivana Jokić

Abstract: Acquiring new knowledge of physics and chemistry, recognising it in the world around and connecting it to other subjects, has always been a challenge for teachers. However, the effects of a successfully completed project have proved that this is achievable, especially if the specific objective is to enable students to understand that different approaches to the same subject strengthen their ability to acquire and adopt new subject matters, and that they can find their own learning style through a variety of teaching methods, developing their creativity and production.

2.2 Teaching science in Spain (in English!) (T46), Alicia Sanz Duran

Abstract: Being a teacher for the first time and teaching science and ICT, might already sound difficult enough, but add to these factors the lack of necessary resources (whiteboards for example), and having to teach in English, and the situation becomes far more difficult. Adaptation and improvisation are the key to a successful solution and proof that such challenges can be overcome and mastered.

2.3 The alga who wanted to be a flower (T53), Ana Cristina Tavares

Abstract: "The alga who wanted to be a flower" is a science education activity on the evolution and the identification of main plant group diversity, followed by applying the new knowledge. It uses a formal or non-formal format and the lesson can be presented inside the classroom (exploring the story of the book, with plants or models) or outside the classroom (in a journey through a garden or park).

2.4 Karelino – A robot for STEM education (T02), Mihai Agape

Abstract: Karelino – "Karel: Autonomous Robot for Enhancing Learning" – presents an interesting, developing robotic platform, from which hardware and software lessons can be designed. The robot is often used in science and technology classes to showcase the practical aspect of STEM education, from mechanical to electrical design, as well as the issues faced by the construction team along the way and the solutions utilised.