Nature of Science / Wissenschaftstheorie vermitteln

Nature of Science / Wissenschaftstheorie vermitteln
6/14/10 10:35 AM
Hallo SCIENTIX-Freunde,
bin absolut neu hier - und kein gelernter Lehrer, aber befasst mit dem Versuch heraus zu finden, warum Studierende in den Naturwissenschaften es leichter haben, die Systembedingungen von Wissenschaft zu verstehen, als Studierende in den Sozial- und Bildungslwissenschaften.
Hat jemand hierzu Ideen?

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Hallo SCIENTIX-Friends,
I'm pretty new here - and not a teacher. But I'm looking for answers why students of natur sciences seam to understand Nature of Science more easily than students of social and educational sciences.
Is there anybody with some ideas about this question?
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RE: Nature of Science / Wissenschaftstheorie vermitteln
3/9/11 7:51 PM as a reply to Dieter HEINRICH.
Hello. I teach mathematics at primary school level. And now I see that students who do well with natural objects do not have problems with motivation to learn other subjects. I think that is related to the specific type of mental activity. Ability to solve puzzles, problems, drawing conclusions, generalizing, making hypotheses, verification is essential for independent learning. And that's what you learn from your math class. Regards. Ewa Zielinska
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