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Scientix Webinar: AutoSTEM – automata to teach STEM subjects to young learners

Местоположение: Online

Organizer: Scientix, AutoSTEM

Type of event: уебинар

Целеви групи:

Тема: STEM Education

Language of event: английски

This webinar will take place on Tuesday 22 September at 17:00 CET in the Scientix Online Meeting Room.

Automata are fascinating mechanical toys for children and small Kinetic Art sculptures. An Automaton is a self-operating machine or control mechanism designed to automatically follow predetermined instructions. They can be used in education as they allow the application of knowledge from various STEM disciplines such as engineering, while facilitating artistic expression and promoting also cultural awareness.

AutoSTEM uses a multidisciplinary approach which introduces STEM concepts and competences in different subject areas at the same time, including, measurement, transfer of power, mechanics, numbers, creativity and comprehension. The presentation will take you through the main aspects of the pedagogy and resources that have been produced by the project and we will explain how you can use them in classrooms globally or even as online tools.

Register via the link below!

URL: http://bit.ly/webinar_autostem



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