10 XI
17 XI

The Astronomy Day in Schools

Местоположение: International

Organizer: The International Astronomical Union

Type of event: International Day

Целеви групи: консултанти,  образователни власти,  широката общественост,  ученици,  учители

Тема: астрономия

Language of event: английски

The Astronomy Day in Schools initiative is an International Astronomical Union IAU100 Global Project with the vision of mobilising the astronomical community to organise activities in schools during or around the week of 10-17 November 2019.

On the website you can find detailed guidelines on how to organise an activity in a school and a variety of educational and outreach resources, as well as information about two prize categories available this year.

URL: https://www.iau-100.org/astro-day-schools



Ако организирате конференция, работен семинар, уебинар или други събития в областта на научното образование, моля да ни уведомите.