14 VI

Lecture “Reusable space systems: 1687-2019. Their real story: a longer and different history than what is known”

Местоположение: Noordwijk

Държава: Холандия

Organizer: ESTEC: European Space Research and Technology Centre

Type of event: лекция

Целеви групи: широката общественост,  изследователи

Тема: аеронавтика

Language of event: английски

The presentation will describe how advanced launchers and suborbital vehicles evolved over a three-century period. This broad overview will give participants the necessary keys to understand present and futures development efforts. The lecture is held on 14 June in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.

URL: https://academieairespace.com/en/event/reusable-space-systems-1687-2019/



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