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FCL workshop: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in primary school classrooms

Местоположение: Brussels

Държава: Белгия

Organizer: Future Classroom Lab

Type of event: работна среща

Целеви групи:

Тема: наука, технологии, инженерство и математика (STEM)

Language of event: английски

The workshop provides primary teachers, with no particular STEM background, with resources and ideas that will help them bring effective and quality teaching of STEM disciplines at primary level while developing and applying innovative teaching approaches to increase young students' knowledge, skills and interest in STEM. The course includes hands-on workshops (e.g. coding) and active exploring of online resources such as virtual labs and research centers or space-related activities, among other ingenious tools. Primary teachers have the opportunity to exchange knowledge while being introduced to different creative teaching approaches and practices, to be used both in STEM and in cross-curricula capacity, in the classroom. The course is co-organized by Scientix, the community for Science education in Europe. The workshop takes place on 25-29 June 2018.

URL: http://fcl.eun.org/courses



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