About Scientix

Scientix promotes and supports a Europe-wide collaboration among STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) teachers, education researchers, policymakers and other STEM education professionals.

In its first stage (2009-2012), the project built an online portal to collect and present European STEM education projects and their results, and organised several teacher workshops. The main networking event was the Scientix conference, held in May 2011 in Brussels.

The goal of the second phase of the Scientix project (2013 – 2015) was to expand this community to the national level. Through a network of National Contact Points (NCPs), Scientix reached out to national teacher communities, and contributed to the development of national strategies for wider uptake of inquiry-based and other innovative approaches to science and maths education.

This activity is continued in the third stage of Scientix (2016-2019), which is funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union for research and innovation. Scientix was originally born at the initiative of the European Commission and has, since its inception, been coordinated by European Schoolnet, a Brussels-based consortium of thirty ministries of education, which is a driving factor for innovation in teaching and learning and fosters pan-European collaboration of schools and teachers.

If you need more information, contact either the Scientix National Contact Point in your country or the Scientix central office at European Schoolnet.

How can you benefit from Scientix?

The main stakeholders of Scientix are teachers, researchers and project managers in STEM education, and policymakers. Each of these groups can benefit from Scientix activities and events.


Researchers / project managers:

Policy makers:


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